About Us

Half Moon Entertainment is the hub of ideas, design, creativity, innovation and care. The core of our business lies in Event and Brand Management. To address both, we have evolved a system of immersive brainstorming, deep understanding, creative problem solving and meticulous executions, which help attain a 360 degree solution package to whatever our clients’ needs are.

We create, produce and market events. We also conceptualize entertainment projects, both, standalone galas and tailor-made to suit the client requirements. For nearly a decade and half, we have been involved in the creative production process and the gleam in the eyes of our Leadership and Team of experts still shines through when new challenge is put in front of them. The more unique the assignment, the greater our interest is piqued.

Our greatest strength is our dynamic and enthusiastic creative team that that specializes in creativity along with tactical solutions. A dedicated team of 40 in-house individuals and an extended family of 100+ are often working round the clock to ensure innovation along with efficiency. Our range of creative solutions includes everything from events, branding, promotion, web development, digital marketing and everything that can make our clients look good and achieve their business objectives. While challenges help us grow, we ensure that our work for clients is executed in an absolutely stress-free, calm, detail-oriented manner, leaving nothing to chance.

Half Moon Entertainment ,India started operations in June ,2019, and has since made a name for itself in curetting, creating, custom-crafting and managing large-scale events.

We have a long and successful track record in managing corporate celebrations, meetings, product launches, press conferences, exhibitions, promotional activities and any innovative event which requires experience and excitement to come together and create a buzz. In the span of our existence, we have serviced national and international markets, both. We have more than 200 satisfied clients, with whom we enjoy long-term collaborative associations. Not just corporates, Half Moon Entertainment  has seen huge success in collaborations with government and public entities. Our client relationships, once formed, remain strong. 

Aside from working hard, we also ensure that the creative spark in our team is always kept alive and nurtured. Half Moon Entertainment team is always buzzing with crazy plans and cool ideas, and you can learn more about our team members here .